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How can I create an expenses claim for somebody else?

Sometimes, you might want to create an expenses claim on behalf of somebody else - for example, if you work as a PA or administrator. There are currently two ways to do this - you can use whichever works best for you and your organisation.
  • Create the claims in your own account, and mark them up before sending to finance
  • Create accounts for other staff and login as them to create their claims
For example, imagine you deal with claims for Janet, the Director.

Create Janet's claims in your own account
This might be the best option if you want to keep track of all the claims you've started or submitted from one place - particularly if you look after several other members of staff. Janet should still register an account with her email address (you can do this for her) - this will allow you to choose her as a passenger on any travel claims, so that her travel can be reported separately from yours.

Once Janet's account is created, you can login with your account and create new claims as usual. You'll obviously want to create separate claims for each person - you can have several drafts at the same time. When you submit one of Janet's claims to Finance, you'll need to mark up the paper copy to make it clear that the reimbursement should go to Janet rather than for you.

If Janet logs in, she won't be able to see the actual expenses claims you've created for her, but she will see the details of any travel where she's linked as a passenger in her My Travel Overview report (and elsewhere, as we build the reporting functionality).

The advantage of this is you only have to use one email and password to login, but the downside is Janet has less access to her information and you and Finance will need to be careful to make sure the money goes to the right person.

Create Janet's claims in her own account
We'd recommend this as a more robust approach, but but it does mean you have to remember and use multiple email addresses and passwords to login.

You (or Janet) should register an account on the system with her email address. When you want to create a new claim for Janet, you'll login with her email address and password and create the claim as usual. If she wants to, Janet will be able to login at any point and see the status of her draft, submitted and paid claims - and when we add in email notifications for example to confirm a claim has been paid those will go to her email address.

If you need to process for several staff, you'll need to logout and login as each of them in turn. If your own account is a standard user account, you won't be able to see any of their details when you login with your email address. If your organisation agrees, you could have your account upgraded to an administrative account which would allow you to see the details of all submitted and paid claims across the organisation (though note that you still won't see drafts).

For more guidance, or to propose a change or new feature, please do contact us.

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