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How do I record travel for people without user accounts?

To get the best out of the tool, you'll usually want to link travel expenses to individual users in your organisation. This allows the most detailed reporting, and will enable your staff to monitor and control the cost and carbon impact of their own travel directly.

In some cases, however, you may be dealing with people (or groups of people) where it's not useful to record their travel individually - in particular if you have one-off individuals (like workshop participants) or large groups travelling together (like an orchestra). You can now configure "Generic Passengers" for your organisation to allow quick entry of these kinds of journeys.

Configuring generic passengers for your organisation

Before you can record travel for a generic passenger, you will need to create them for your organisation. This requires administrator permissions.
  • Use the cog icon in the top right to access your settings menu
  • Select the "Generic Passengers" tab
  • You can add as many different types of generic passenger as you wish
  • You can also remove generic passenger types - this will not affect existing claims but will prevent new trips being created with that passenger type

Recording travel for a generic passenger

Once you have created the generic passenger types, you can link them as a passenger on any trip in exactly the same way as adding a user.
  • Start adding a travel item to an expenses claim
  • In the "Passengers" field, start typing the name of a generic passenger type - you will see the passenger appear as an option
  • If you select a generic passenger, you will be prompted to enter the number of people. For example, if you are recording a bus trip for 25 Orchestra members, select "Orchestra" and enter a quantity of 25.
  • You will see that the passengers field now shows "Orchestra x 25" as a passenger. 
  • If you want to edit the quantity, just remove the "Orchestra x 25" passenger and add the correct number of Orchestra members in the same way as before.
  • When the carbon calculation is complete, you will see that the total passenger mileage and carbon impact takes account of the total number of passengers on the trip.
Each trip can have any mixture of users and generic passengers. If your group includes some people who have user accounts and some who do not, we recommend adding each individual user and only using the generic passenger for people who do not have accounts. This will ensure the trip appears in your users' own travel reports and footprints and reduce the risk of them creating a duplicate entry (artificially increasing your carbon footprint).

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