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    Thanks, we’ll consider this for the future. Allowing you to enter trips without locations has a reasonable impact on the overall system so we want to make sure it’s handled carefully.

    In the meantime as a workaround it doesn’t matter to the system what locations you use so you could put in anything and then override the calculated distance to whatever the total is on your invoice – the system will then calculate the carbon based on what you enter there.

    This will prevent you from linking different passengers for the various journeys though.
    For taxis, we use the DEFRA per-trip carbon factors (rather than the per-passenger) so your carbon figure will be correct, but your passenger distance travelled will be under-reported and individuals won’t see the taxis in their personal travel profiles.

    Is the city cabs data in (or available in) electronic format at all? Perhaps we could look…

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    jacquelinecrichton commented  · 

    Hi Andrew,

    I'm interested in what you mentioned about being able to import electronic data. I have some excel sheets of taxi usage and car rentals that, if possible, i would like to import. Can you explain how i do this please?

    Many thanks,


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    jacquelinecrichton commented  · 

    That's really helpful, i didn't realise that I was able to override the mileage. That will solve my difficulty thank you.

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